Hyogo Free Wi-Fi が使えます!
提供免费”Hyogo Free Wi-Fi” !
Hyogo Free Wi-Fi is available here!
무료 “Hyogo Free Wi-Fi”사용할 수 있습니다!


★”Hyogo Free Wi-Fi” is available here!Feel free to use it at the botanical garden. Let’s post a picture right away!:)
→For using the ” Hyogo Free Wi-Fi ” requires you to register your email address or SNS account.

★提供免费”Hyogo Free Wi-Fi”!轻松地用,用照片立刻是UP!^^
→为「Hyogo Free Wi-Fi」的利用,邮件地址或需要SNS帐号的登记。

★무료 ”Hyogo Free Wi-Fi”사용할 수 있습니다!식물관에 내관의 때는 꼭 이용하세요!식물관의 사진을 실시간으로 UP하세요^^
→”Hyogo Free Wi-Fi”의 이용에는 메일 주소 또는 SNS계정의등록이 필요합니다.


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“KANSAI Free Wi-Fi(Official)” is the general term for free Wi-Fi throughout the Kansai area which has been primarily promoted by municipalitie and the business community.
With the press of a button, you can connect to free Wi-Fi easily and use the internet for free at about 10,000 access points set around Kansai, such as tourist attractions.


This app is provided in cooperation with municipality offering Wi-Fi access to travelers visiting Japan.

[Corresponding areas]Shiga prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, Nara prefecture, Wakayama prefecture, Tottori prefecture, Tokushima prefecutre, Kyoto city, Osaka city, Sakai city, Kobe city

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